Match Reaction - Praise For The Fans

Over the course of this season the Morton support has come in for a lot of criticism from the chairman, a former manager and certain players. So it was a refreshing change to read the praise we've been given in the post match reaction. Here are a few of the comments that have been made:

"If you were here today you would've seen the crowd we had Richard [Gordon, on BBC radio], the bottom stand was packed. They had to open the main stand, the old stand becaue of the overflow, that was probably a third full. You know, so, when you see that type of support you see the potential that Morton have got. It's a large provincial club. We've not been in the first division for five years, at the very least we should be playing at this level of football." (Davie Irons, interviewed for BBC radio)

"We're delighted for our fans - they are the best in the land - and the gaffer who has been an inspiration since he came here. But we have to punch our weight from the start of next season and not just at the tail end." (Stewart Greacen, quoted in the Daily Record)

"The fans were absolutely brilliant today, they got behind us right from the start, and we gave them a performance they can be proud of — it gives them a bit of hope from next year." (Stewart Greacen, quoted in the Greenock Telegraph)

"The real winner is the First Division - it needs a team like Morton and their fans who made up almost half of the 5000 crowd. The Cappielow club add a different dimension to this league." (John Traynor, Daily Record journalist in his match report)

"I'm delighted for the fans. They've supported us in great numbers and it's great to repay them and send them home happy." (Brian Wake, quoted in the Sunday Mail)

"The queue snaked on and on, with many of those involved standing quietly, alone in their thoughts. They anticipated ecstasy or agony, but either way it looked like every supporter Morton possessed had rolled up to Firhill to face their team's fate head on. It was impressive.
When it was time to go home, dozens of them were still in the vicinity, singing, chanting, telling anyone within earshot that Morton were the best team in the universe, or words to that effect." (Douglas Campbell, The Herald journalist in his match report)

"Last time I was up here I got a few shouts here and there but today I'd like to thank everybody, all the fans, for the reception at the end - it means a lot to me. It's brilliant, I don't confess that everybody likes me, some probably hate me, but it was emotional. I didn't think I would feel the way I did at the end, but it was much appreciated." (Chris Millar, quoted in the Greenock Telegraph)

"For me the REAL integrity of the Scottish game lies in the spirit of those Gretna players who still fight their corner when they could walk away. It lies in the 2,500 Morton fans taking over Firhill and roaring their team to safety." (Bill Leckie, Scottish Sun journalist in his column on the back page of the Supergoals pull-out)

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