Sometimes Gentleman's Agreements Are Broken

Davie Irons and Derek Collins are pulling out all the stops to persuade Chris Millar to stay at Morton according to Steven McArthur in today's Greenock Telegraph.

Derek Collins is quoted as saying: "We are still in talks trying to persuade him to stay. St Johnstone are very keen to take Chris, but we will pull out all the stops to keep him here. He is still a Morton player until the end of May, and we hold Chris in high regard— he’s a very important player."

He also added: “Pre-contracts are not binding, but it’s the moral issue that he is struggling with. But sometimes gentleman’s agreements are broken.” This would suggest that Chris Millar can stay and wants to stay but doesn't want to go back on his commitment to St. Johnstone.

I said it on the Morton messageboard the other day and this only convinces me further that Millar will be playing at Cappielow next season.

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