McLaughlin Released, Four Having Talks

Our season only finished last Saturday and the rumour mill started on Sunday. Posts on the greenockmorton.org messageboard suggested lots of players had been released including David McGurn, Alan Gilbride, Craig Black, Dean Keenan, Scott McKellar and Scott McLaughlin while David MacGregor, Kieran McAnespie and Jamie Stevenson have been told they can move on.


As yet there has been no official confirmation of any of these rumours but today's Scottish Sun has a snippet that suggests Scott McLaughlin has been released. It says Spanish side Real Jaen and Notts County will compete for McLaughlin's signature.

In today's Greenock Telegraph Roger Graham tells us that "the club are currently having talks with Stewart Greacen, Ryan Harding, Alex Walker and Kevin Finlayson with a view to retaining them for the new season."

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