Is This The Reason?

After reading the news that it is likely that the Supporters' Trust will lose their place on the board when Jim McColl resigns I was wondering why Douglas Rae has taken this decision after seven years. The first thing that springs to mind is that he doesn't want someone coming in who would cause problems by asking pertinent questions and relaying unsatisfactory answers back to the fans. However, I also remembered reading an article on the trust website (http://www.gmst.org.uk/) in which they wrote to Alistair Donald to ask the following question:

I would ask if your position has changed with regards a financial investment in the club and if so, whether such an investment might be a precursor to you eventually making a bid for control of the club.

They did not receive a reply but Donald did meet with the Trust chairman Stuart Duncan (pictured, above left) in person. The article includes six bullet points detailing Donald's responses in which Donald basically says that he has no interest in buying or investing in the club at the moment. But may invest in future:

He has no intentions at the moment of buying the club. He believes the current board are doing a great job, they are very passionate about the club and its future. He may at some point in the future invest in the club.

He is not interested in the club for any other reason than his local family connections and that of his relationship with the Rae’s. He has no ulterior motive and no intention of doing a Hugh Scott.

I just wonder if Rae was annoyed with the Trust - the second largest shareholder in the club - for daring to question what was actually going on at the club. In particular asking questions of Donald who in Stuart Duncan's opinion is concerned with the publicity his place on the board has attracted.

My personal view is that the Chairman is making a mistake but that a sense of injustice could be the catalyst the Trust needs to renew interest and get more people involved. I know that the today's news has sparked my interest.

gmst.org.uk - Meeting With Alistair Donald

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