Morton Players To Coach In Schools

Morton have announced that the club's senior players will visit schools in Inverclyde as part of 'a fun based skills programme which will also incorporate football coaching'.

The programme - open to pupils in classes from primary four to primary seven - will see each school given 4 sessions for 2 classes between 1pm and 3pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. The 4 week block will enable the school to allow two weeks of one class having access to players between 2pm and 3pm with the other class enjoying the same access over the following two weeks.

The club will also give complimentary tickets to the pupils at the end of the coaching block.

This is reminiscent of something the club did a few years back. I can remember my younger brother was coached by John Morrow (pictured, above left) and Brian Reid at Overton Primary. He was also given tickets to a match and has been a Morton supporter ever since. This is exactly the effect Morton will be hoping this scheme has on the pupils in Inverclyde's classrooms ten years on.

gmfc.net - Schools Soccer Coaching – Primary 4s to Primary 7s

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