Three In A Row For Dom

It's not quite the Irn Bru phenomenal young player of the month award but Dominic Shimmin (pictured, left) has been voted Morton's player of the month for October by readers of this site. Dominic adds this award to the August and September awards he has already secured.

In the regular monthly poll Dominic received 24 out of 40 votes which works out at a 60% share of the total votes. He was well out in front of Stewart Greacen and Kevin Cuthbert both of whom came joint second with 4 out of 40 votes each (10%).

The full results were as follows:

Dominic Shimmin - 24/40 (60%)
Kevin Cuthbert - 4/40 (10%)
Stewart Greacen - 4/40 (10%)
Erik Paartalu - 2/40 (5%)
Jim McAlister - 2/40 (5%)
Peter Weatherson - 2/40 (5%)
James Grady - 2/40 (5%)

Votes so far: 40 Poll closed

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