2009/10 Blogspot Player of the Year

The winner of the third annual greenockmortonfc.blogspot.com player of the year is... Colin Stewart.

The big goalkeeper follows in the footsteps of Jim McAlister (2007/08) and Stewart Greacen (2008/09) in taking the prestigious award after polling almost half of the votes made by you, the fans.

When, in an interview for the Morton programme, The Ton, at the start of March, I told Colin that, going by posts on the unofficial messageboard and through fans I talk to, he would be a strong contender for the player of the year awards, he seemed quite surprised. "Personally, I don't read fans' messageboards, so I had no idea that people were talking about me for awards," he said. "Last year [2008/09] was a non-event for me. I'm just delighted to have been given a chance to play and prove myself to the supporters and the coaching staff."

The 30-year-old, whose contract expired yesterday, adds this honour to awards from: Greenock Morton Supporters' Club, Lighthouse Bar Morton Supporters, Spinnaker Hotel and the Cappie the Cat Club. Ryan McGuffie won the Prince Of Wales' award while the Albert Hotel Morton Supporters "decided not to award a 'player of the year' for 2009-10", according to travel club committee member Jim MacVicar.

Ryan McGuffie was runner up with 15% of the vote, while top scorer Peter Weatherson finished third with 9% of the vote.

The full results were as follows (number of votes first with % of vote in brackets)

Colin Stewart
85 (44%)
Ryan McGuffie
30 (15%)
David MacGregor
2 (1%)
Stewart Greacen
2 (1%)
Allan McManus
2 (1%)
David van Zanten
2 (1%)
Dominic Shimmin
12 (6%)
Alan Reid
0 (0%)
Erik Paartalu
0 (0%)
Allan Jenkins
0 (0%)
Neil MacFarlane
0 (0%)
Stevie Masterton
1 (0%)
Michael Tidser
11 (5%)
Kevin Finlayson
10 (5%)
Jim McAlister
6 (3%)
Carlo Monti
2 (1%)
Peter Weatherson
19 (9%)
Brian Wake
3 (1%)
Brian Graham
0 (0%)
David Witteveen
5 (2%)

Votes: 192

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