Grady and McManus Devastated At Rae's Decision

James Grady and Allan McManus have expressed their devastation at being told they were surplus to requirements by Morton chairman Douglas Rae.

Manager Grady was the more reserved of the two and told the Scottish Sun's Robert Grieve of his disappointment at being told their contracts would not be renewed. "Losing out on the Morton job is the biggest blow I've had in football," he told Grieve. "I was part of the Gretna side which lost to Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final and that hurt. But this is soul-destroying. I'm devastated.

"I felt I could have taken Morton forward. But you need that backing. I thought I had it as we had a good working relationship with the chairman," he added.

To me, this is a hint that he felt a bit betrayed by the chairman's decision as he believed he would have been given the job on a permanent basis if he managed to keep the club up.

Assistant manager Allan McManus, on the other hand, laid his emotions on the line. "Speaking for the both of us, we were absolutely devastated. We worked to achieve the remit given to us," he told the Greenock Telegraph's Martin Greig. "People said it was to stay in the division, but we were led to believe staying out of the play-offs would mean the job was as good as ours. Things changed and, for whatever reason, that was no longer the case.

"We feel this is one of the biggest mistakes the chairman has ever made."

Greenock Telegraph - McManus: Rae Is Wrong To Sack Us (11.05.2010)

Scottish Sun - Ton Axe Is My Biggest Ever Blow (13.05.2010)

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mortonjag said...

They were certainly not accorded the patience enjoyed by their blundering predecessor whose mess they had to make the best of.

If there's a hard way to do something, it seems the Raes will do it.

This will at the very least be expensive when they are pleading poverty and their 'new' stand lies rusting in a heap.