Morton versus Alistair Donald

Morton are suing former director Alistair Donald for £82,232.47, plus interest and expenses, according to the front page splash of today's Greenock Telegraph.

Tele' journalist David Moroney reveals that the club are alleging that Donald, who resigned from the board in December last year, owes money after agreeing to pay: James Grady's wages until May 2010; £50 per week, National Insurance and win bonuses to Kevin Cuthbert and 'costs' associated with Neil MacFarlane until May 2011.

Donald, however, only accepts that he agreed to pay some costs to Grady's contract for the 2008/09 season and denies the rest of the claims. He has also requested that the club produce minutes and notes from board meetings as well as details of salaries, invoices and specific details of the alleged agreements.

Greenock Telegraph - Morton Sue Ex-Director For £80,000 (25.05.2010)

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