Best Signing Poll

In between player of the month polls I recently asked: Who Will Be Morton's Best Signing This Season? and the poll results were topped by £40,000 deadline-day signing Iain Russell.

Russell received 20 votes from a total of 52 which works out as 38% of the total votes. Jay Shields and Michael Gardyne (Michael got my vote) came joint second with 11 votes each (21%).

Interestingly Adam Coakley received two votes which proves that players read this blog, as do their Mums.

The results in full were:

20 votes (38%) - Iain Russell
11 votes (21%) - Michael Gardyne
11 votes (21%) - Jay Shields
3 votes(5%) - Kieran McAnespie
3 votes(5%) - Lee Robinson
2 votes (3%) - Darren McGeough
2 votes (3%) - Adam Coakley

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