Camara Deal Stalls

Today's Greenock Telegraph has an update on the situation regarding the Guinean goalkeeper who played in the bounce match against Dundee.

Chris Fitzgerald reports that Dundee United wanted to make a move for Camara to cover Szamotulski's suspension after his red card on Saturday. Thereafter United would have then loaned Camara to Morton. However the deal has stalled because the player would have needed international clearance to play which ruled him out of United's match on Saturday and this was no use to them.

McInally goes on to say that we might make a move for him ourselves but it wont be for over a week.

It would appear that the player isn't Hamidou Camara as today's Tele' calls him Kemoko Camara (pictured) - a different player.

Name: Kemoko Camara
Age: 32 (4.5.1975)
Position: Goalkeeper
Nationality: Guinea
International: 48 caps, 0 goals
Former Clubs: Amazulu (South Africa), Hafia FC (Guinea), Keloum Stars (Guinea), Bnei Sakhnin (Israel), KRC Zuid-West (Belgium)


Peña Getafense Escocia said...

Cheers for the comment on the Geta blog btw ;)

Right, I don't know if this'll format correctly, but here's some info on Kemoko:

AmaZulu 2006-2007 - -
Hafia F C 2006 - -
Hafia F C 2004-2005 - -
Maccabi Ahi Nazareth 2004-2005 - -
Ihoud Bney Sakhnin 2003-2004 16 0
Zuid West 2002-2003 - -
Zuid West 2001-2002 - -
RC Harelbeke 2000-2001 10 0
RC Harelbeke 1999-2000 24 0

(numbers and dashes indicate Games played, Goals scored.)

The dashes in some seasons don't necessarily mean that he didn't play, just that no data was available, but I can't confirm that right now.

Jonathan Mitchell said...


Where did you get that info from?

I used a combination of Championship Manager editor and google searching.