Time To Go Jim?

I've held off and held off joining in with the calls for Jim McInally to be sacked but after the joke that was tonight's Challenge Cup Semi-Final I think it might be time to go Jim.

As more and more fans are starting to think the same way as those who have been critical of McInally for a good while a defeat at home to Partick Thistle on Saturday could see the voices calling for the managers head grow ever louder.


Simplyton said...

I tend to agree

I will not be shouting for the managers head on Saturday should we suffer a defeat though.

I said when Jim joined that his 1st dip into the transfer market would prove him - Anybody who watched us could see we were crying out for a central midfielder (had been since Lindberg left)

Jim failed to spot this and his failings to see things happening during games have been a major reason for us spending so long in the 2nd division.

He really should have went after the Peterhead play-off defeat by that time he'd had more than enough time to clear out the deadwood and put his own stamp on the side.

Upon staying on failure was longer an option - He got us promotion but at times it felt more inspite on Jim rather than because of Jim (games like the 1st one at Forthbank where he completely changed the attack for our biggest league game of the season suggested once more that he didn't have it tactically)

I think prior to the campaign I would have accepted our current position but we have shown that our player have been punching below their weight in the past few years. If we can get the tactics correct then we have a team more than capable of top 4 finish in this league unfortunately Jim seems to be lacking when it comes to tactics.

I wont be calling for his head but will shed no tears if he goes.

Scapaflow said...

I do not agree.
We have a a decent midfield as it is with Scotty playing the holding role and Saturday there showed exactly what an asset he is. We have been struggling recently because we do not have strength in depth who can cover this position, look at Keenan he was well out of his depth running about like a headless chicken and so many people praising his performances ????We ahave others in the team who can fill the role of attacking midfielder Stevenson, Mcalister,Macanespie, Millar. like i said previously the main reason we have been poor this season is the injury situation which has hit us hard whereas previous seasons we have had the luxury of being mainly injury free. We do however need to find a suitable Centre half and holding Midfield player to cover in case we suffer an injury crisis again

Jonathan Mitchell said...

Fair enough if you disagree but it came as no surprise that a post saying that a reader disagreed appeared after a win.A win that came after the manager actually decided to play players in their natural positions for a change. McLaughlin did make a difference but why wasn't he playing there in midweek instead of left back!!!!