*Updated* McInally On Real Radio

In tonight's Real Radio phone in the main point of discussion was Chris Templeman's goal-that-never-was. Ewen and Daily Record journalist Keith Jackson both appeared to have sympathy with Morton and concern over the referee changing his mind. Alan Rough was stubborn in his defense of the official, first trying to focus on Templeman and then claiming that the correct decision was reached and how they came to it didn't matter. Roughie was basically talking nonsense after backing himself into a corner.

The phone-in became more interesting when Morton manager Jim McInally phoned in - primarily to defend Chris Templeman as Rough seemed to be casting aspersions on his character based on the point of view that the big striker had intentionally handled the ball.

McInallys conversation with Ewen went along the following lines:

McInally: Calls because he has an issue with Roughie's comments about Chris Templeman. Says Templeman told him the ball came off his shoulder, not his arm or hand and that even if he did it was undeliberate and should still have stood. He added that this would open a whole other can of worms and was largely irrelevant.

Jim went on to give Ewen his version of events. He claims both officials had admitted to him that they both gave the goal. He also said that Thomson's explanation on the Whistleblower section of the SFA website was "unacceptable to us as a club."

McInally explained further. He said that he is now in the habit of checking whether or not both the Referee and Linesman have given the goal before celebrating so as to not make a fool of himself. He said both gave the goal. Then 3 Accies players badgered the linesman. When the Ref went over Jim initially thought he was going over to book the Accies players. He was amazed when the Referee then disallowed the goal.

Ewan: Why did the referee change his mind?

McInally: The Linesman looked reasonably young. He looked to be intimidated and overwhelmed by what was going on.

Ewen: - Did you believe it was because of Accies players / management influence that the decision was changed ?

McInally: - Yes 100%. If I could go back I think should've took my players off the park.

Ewan: - Where do you go from here?

McInally: - I hope Gordon Smith will take an interest in it. (Adding he was delighted to see a football man like Gordon get into power at the SFA).

I'll be banned for two games, Martin Clark will be banned for two games. The referee should carry the can. I would like clarification [that Refs can't change their mind after making a decision presumably] so that this can't happen again because How can I tell my players not to badger the linesman / referee if they know it can work in their favour?

Also, what if it was Celtic v Rangers?

I would like to see them punished the same way I'll be punished.

This shouldn't be swept under the carpet but I'll accept my punishment without appeal as I was probably still in the wrong.

* This isn't Jim McInally's or Ewen's exact words. It's a rough description from notes taken at the time.

The BBC Sport website has a story on Morton's protest, including an interview with Jim McInally: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_div_1/7068152.stm

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