Did You Know...

...that Andy Ritchie applied for the Morton manager's job at the same time as Jim McInally but his application wasn't even acknowledged by the club?

Ritchie made this revelation in Andy Ritchie: The King Of Cappielow - the recently released biography by John Riddle.

The book's final chapter is an exclusive interview that is presented as a series of questions and answers. On page 133 Riddle asks: "After your spell as player /manager of Albion Rovers, did you ever dream of managing Morton?". Ritchie replied, "Oh, I didn't only dream about becoming manager of Morton, I actually applied for the manager's job before Jim McInally was installed. Not only did I not get the job, my application didn't even warrant an acknowledgment."

That's no way to treat one of the club's greatest ever players.

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