Tele' Backs Rae's Criticism Of Fans' Behaviour

The Greenock Telegraph has backed Douglas Rae's criticism of the Morton fans who were involved in an incident at Dingwall last week.

The Telegraph Comment piece says that Rae is right to speak out against unruly fans who hurl personal insults at players. It goes on to say that hopefully Rae's programme notes have been heeded by those who 'carried on despicably'.

On the opposite page Eric Baxter has written a follow up article on Rae's programme notes. He asks Rae if he would like to see troublesome fans banned to which Rae replied: "I am perfectly happy to see the police lift them for their objectionable behaviour.

"I haven't thought of banning the trouble-makers, but we could look at it if the police arrested them and made an example of them."

I'm not entirely sure just who has been criticised here - in some reports it appears to be the fans shouting abuse, in others everyone involved in the scrum - but as someone who was there and witnessed the whole incident this is my take on it. It all started with a couple of fans (possibly one fan) giving pretty strong abuse to Ryan Harding. Another fan across the other side of the terrace shouted at him/them to get behind the team and this turned in to a bit of a heated debate. Both fans walked towards each other and friends on either side came forward and there was a bit of posturing and grabbing but as far as I could see there were no punches thrown or anything like that. Most people there were trying to stop the incident and I would say there was around ten people involved (not the twenty Douglas Rae estimated in the Tele').

I'd imagine that the incident looked worse from a distance - hence Rae's reaction - but I think the Chairman's threat to walk away from the club, and the subsequent hysteria, has all been a bit of an overreaction.

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Greenock Telegraph - Rae praises fans after row [Rae in fans fury] (21.10.2008)

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