Fatties XI

On the 9th of October BBC's Off The Ball programme ran an online feature called 'Fatties XI'. As you may have guessed the article listed 15 of Scottish football's fattest players. Two ex-Morton players made the list - Andy Ritchie (pictured, left) and Joe Harper.

Each choice features a picture and a comment below. Ritchie's says: "Andy Ritchie, Morton's Idle Idol, the Bellshill Bull, played outside-right and left-back to save him changing ends at half-time." Harper's says: "As tall as he was broad, rumour has it that Aberdeen's Joe Harper gave Oxo the inspiration for their cubes."

Whoever compiled the list redeemed themselves by choosing ex-St. Mirren players Barry Lavety and Mark Yardley in the 15.

bbc.co.uk - 'Off The Ball's Fatties XI' - Ritchie is #6 and Harper is #12.

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