Unreleased Morton Top For Sale On ebay

An unreleased Morton shirt has been put up for auction on ebay. The shirt, manufactured by Avec (of Sports Connection top fame) is a home top from around 2000 - but was never worn by any Morton team at any level.

The mysterious shirt features the traditional blue and white hoops but with thin yellow lines running through some of the blue hoops. It also has a small badge sewn on that says: 'Greenock Morton 1874-1999, 125 years'.

A poster on the greenockmorton.org forum posted to say that it was a prototype home top that was never used. The seller who listed the item on ebay actually joined the messageboard to explain that he bought the item in a shop in Nottingham but has no idea how it got there.

The top has sparked a fair bit of interest and after 15 bids the current bid sits at £72.00.

ebay.co.uk - GREENOCK MORTON Football Shirt (Home) Large - Avec

greenockmorton.org - '125th Anniversary Top' thread

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