Players To Blame?

In an excellent article in yesterday's Greenock Telegraph Davie Irons (pictured, left) lays the blame for our poor season at the door of the players, in particular the more experienced members of the squad. He refers to his disappointment with the players at various points in the article, all of which are listed below:

"Jenkins and McGuffie have come from the SPL. With bigger money comes expectation and they haven’t lived up to that. Certainly, Jenkins has been very disappointing. I’ve told them that.

“Obviously Saturday was a big game. The boys let us down and I am very disappointed and angry.”

“If the players don’t take responsibility and don’t take chances where does that leave you?"

“The older, senior players have to stand up and be counted.”

He did, however, praise the contributions of Dominic Shimmin, Chris Smith, Kevin Cuthbert and Jim McAlister.

The fact that Irons has focused on Jenkins and McGuffie suggests to me that the rumours of a personal vendetta stretching backing to their days at Gretna are true. Ryan Harding, Alex Walker, Allan McManus, Erik Paartalu and Peter Weatherson have been just as bad as McGuffie and Jenkins, maybe worse, but aren't mentioned by name.

In another article on the back page Douglas Rae basically admits that Irons has the next two home games to turn our season around. The chairman said: “I have had belief he [manager Davie Irons] will turn things round. Obviously, results have been pulling me the other way. But we have two home games coming up. I think they are critical. We have got to start the fightback then. I am not saying we have to be off the bottom of the table after these games, but the fightback has to have started.

"I would not be telling the truth if I did not say I was very concerned."

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