Two Days A Week

According to an article in yesterday's Greenock Telegraph Morton goalkeeper Kevin Cuthbert (pictured, left) trains with his team mates two days a week. He spends Monday and Tuesday with Falkirk, has Wednesday off and then trains with David Wylie on a Thursday and Friday.

The former St. Johnstone 'keeper said: “I train at Falkirk on a Monday and Tuesday, because I’m from Perth. It’s only 25 minutes from my house. They have good facilities up there it’s run by Jim Preston. I’m in at Morton on Thursday and Friday, and I get on well with Davie [Wylie]. He is a legend at Morton, and it is good to learn from an ex-player."

I realise Cuthbert has been one of our best performers this season but I still don't think that it's acceptable for a full-time professional to be doing this. I could understand if he was a part-timer but he isn't. In my opinion Cuthbert should be making the effort to train with his clubmates everyday rather than go to Falkirk on a Monday and Tuesday because it's closer. I'm no expert on the training goalkeepers do but you'd think it would be better if he were around his team mates more often in an attempt to build a better understanding both on the pitch and off it.

If I were Davie Irons I would be 'encouraging' Kevin to either move closer to Greenock or make the extra effort to travel through to Quarriers Village on a Monday and Tuesday.

Greenock Telegraph - 'Nothing Tops Keeping Clean' (29.10.2008)

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