2007/08 Pay At The Gate Prices Announced

Morton have announced next season's 'pay at the gate' prices on gmfc.net.

They are :

Main Stand
Adult - £15.00
Concession - £9.00
Parent & Child - £19.00

Adult - £13.00
Concession - £8.00
Child - £4.00
Parent & Child - £17.00

This is a £1 rise on last season's prices (except the £2 rise on the parent and child gates) which I think is very fair considering we have just moved up a league.

On a similar note it seems that our season ticket prices represent value for money. In the Sport section of the Sunday Herald an article by Stewart Fisher listed the lowest and highest priced season tickets for every club in Scotland. Our £200 terrace season ticket is the cheapest in the 1st division. Stirling Albion and St. Johnstone have the most expensive lowest priced season ticket at £260 - which is more expensive than our highest priced ticket. Our highest priced ticket is around mid-table in the 1st division league of prices.

Morton's pricing structure is very fair in comparison to other clubs and when you consider fans also have the option to pay up their season ticket I think the club are doing quite well in this respect.

However, I think the prices to watch football are too high in general. Clubs would get far more fans through the turnstyles if they priced the game on a par with the entertainment on show but in a sport where clubs spend more than they can afford and players demand astronomical wages I can't see that happening anytime soon.

This season's prices : http://www.gmfc.net/club-news/news-view.asp?id=166

Last season's prices : http://www.gmfc.net/club-news/news-view.asp?id=5

Sunday Herald Article (without the table of lowest and highest prices) :

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Simplyton said...

Of course you are essentiallly paying to get into watch the football but I dont think you can compare our terracing season ticket with all the other season tickets in the division.

We are the only club (as far as im aware) that will have standing areas open to home fans (not overfilll areas)

The price for a stand season ticket gives a more realistic comparison to the other clubs.