Did You Know ...

... Kenny Dalglish made his professional football debut for Celtic v Morton at Cappielow in 1968.

I'm reading his 1996 autobiography Dalglish at the moment and in it he says :

"Big Jock was a hands-on manager. He took charge of my first professional game, getting together a reserve team of new professionals who had just returned from being farmed out. I came back from Cumbernauld, Danny McGrain and Paul Wilson from Maryhill, Vic Davidson from Ashfield. The game was against Greenock Morton and Big Jock thought we'd get battered. We only lost 5-4. It was meant to be a test of mettle, and a learning experience, for us. At half-time, Big Jock came into the dressing-room at Cappielow and told our goalkeeper that he should have come for one of the crosses. The goalkeeper had the nerve to answer back: 'It's not my fault, it's their fault.' Big Jock responded by walking over and shutting each of the small windows so that nobody outside could hear. Then he went off his trolley, pouring verbal abuse on the keeper and us."

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