Hawke Resigns

Former Morton player Warren Hawke has resigned in his role as the SPFA's project manager.

The news appeared in one of the 'soccer shorts' on page 68 of today's (30.6.07) Daily Record.

Hawke's resignation follows hot on the heels of Fraser Wishart's resignation as sectretary. According to The Scotsman "relations between the organisation and its parent union, the GMB, have been strained for some time. It is believed leading figures on the SPFA management committee believe the GMB has not been providing them with sufficient support or resources". This along with Hawke's resignation would suggest that there are big problems at the SPFA

Hawke's role at the SPFA was to get young players involved in education or finding a trade so that if football didn't work out for them they would have something to fall back on. This was something he was passionate about as a player - while at Morton he and Peter Cormack attended courses at James Watt College (he was in a class with my mum) and Paisley University (I think).

Following on from the youth set-up debate, Hawke is exactly the type of former player I would like to see involved with Morton's youth players.


Wishart Resigns : http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/sport.cfm?id=876462007

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