New Strip Update

A better picture of the new home and away strips can be found on gmfc.net using the following link - http://www.gmfc.net/club-news/news-view.asp?id=174

The news article on the official site states that the home strip will be on sale at Smiths from 7pm on Thursday 26th July and the away will be on sale from 7pm on Thursday the 23rd of August.

Personally, I think the new home strip is a cracker. I particularly like the understated 'Buchanans' sponsor and the shade of blue. My only criticism is that the Bukta logo, the club crest and the sponsor all seem to be crammed very closely together.

However, I'm not very impressed with the away strip. The collar seems far too wide and I don't really like the 'Millions' sponsor.

For me, the most encouraging aspect so far is that in today's Greenock Telegraph Peter Weatherson commented on the good quality of the material of the strips. A primary concern for a lot of Morton fans after the farce that was Vanadanel.

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