Morton Article in FourFourTwo Magazine

This month's 'July' edition of the adult orientated football magazine FourFourTwo has an article asking former greenockmorton.net forum administrator Ewan MacDonald set questions about Morton for a regular feature called 'WHO ARE YA?'.

For those who don't buy the magazine Ewan responded with the following answers :

Greenock is ...... formerly a major shipbuilding centre; now it's a major centre for nothing in particular. I like it primarily because it isn't Paisley.

All-time great - Andy Ritchie, the idle idol. That he didn't play in the 1978 World Cup is dreadful; that his career ended so early is criminal.

Local legend - Mark Pickering. Chuck Norris wishes he was Mark Pickering.

Best ever game - It's hard to beat St Mirren 1 Greenock Morton 5. There's nothing like thumping your hated rivals on their own manky patch.

Worst moment - Take your pick. Then-chairman Hugh Scott threatening to shut the club down "like the shipyards"; relegation to the lowest tier of Scottish football; (unfounded) rumours of a betting scandal hitting the national newspapers. Perhaps it's the 4-1 home defeat to Stenhousemuir who were already relegated and the lowest-scoring team in the country- to effictively end our promotion bid in 2004.

Sum up this season - It's about damn time! Finally we're back in the First Division after a long time out. A 3-1 win over Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup and a league title is not a bad haul, and just reward for a very hard-working squad.

Manager profile - Jim McInally is learning fast and becoming a fine boss. He and assistant Martin Clark have made this team super-fit and his man-management is spot-on.

A pretty good summation of the club. I especially like the last sentences of the answers to the 'Greenock is' and 'Best ever game' questions.

Morton featured in the same article a couple of years ago and I believe Phil Fox answered the questions that time. I'll see if I can dig out that issue and get the responses up here soon.

Info on July's edition of FourFourTwo : http://www.fourfourtwo.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Also

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