Craig McPherson's Scouting Concerns

In Monday's (28.5.07) Greenock Telegraph former Morton, Airdrie and Falkirk defender / midfielder Craig McPherson (on the right of the picture in an Airdrie strip) expressed some concerns over Morton's scouting in local youth football.

'Hagi' said that Hugh Scott destroyed the foundations laid down by Allan McGraw and Joe McMaster and that we have never really recovered from that. Especially since Joe Mclaughlin was appointed but never replaced when he left.

McPherson, currently employed as the SFA's youth football co-ordinator in Inverclyde, is specifically concerned that Morton will miss out on talented local youngsters because they have no scouting network in place and that although youth coaches Peter Weatherson, Jamie Stevenson and Chris Millar are doing a good job they can't be everywhere.

I think most Morton fans have been concerned with this aspect of the club. However Douglas Rae has said, since day one, his main priority was to get Morton back to the 1st division when that was achieved other parts of the clubs infrastructure could be looked at. Hopefully now we are back in the 1st division we can get back to producing Morton stars of the future rather than buying them.

Read the Tele' article online here : http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/stories/story.php?id=8683

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