Arbuckle Doesn't Blame Shimmin

Gary Arbuckle's manager might think Dominic Shimmin was responsible for his triple leg break but Arbuckle doesn't.

In today's Scottish Sun Arbuckle (pictured, left: playing for Morton as a trialist against Hartlepool in July 2008) told Ronnie MacKay that he doesn't blame Shimmin. He said: "But I don’t blame Dominic for the tackle — he is a hard player and it’s one of those things. It was a hard tackle. He came in from the side and I was quite close to the touchline. He was obviously trying to put the ball out but I never saw him coming as I was ready to run down the line. It was a strong challenge, unfortunately this is the result. It was very painful and I realised quickly I had probably broken it.”

The Queen Of The South striker also revealed that he has spoken to Dominic after Stevie Masterton - a former teammate at Clyde - gave the big defender his number to contact to him: “I spoke to Stevie Masterton, who is a pal of mine from when we were at Clyde, and he told me that Dominic was concerned. He passed my number on to him so he could speak to me."

The Scottish Sun - I Don't Blame You For Break (06.01.2009)

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