Weatherson Not Appreciated

Morton striker Peter Weatherson has hinted that he doesn't feel appreciated by the club's supporters.

In an article in the Supergoals pull-out in Saturday's Scottish Sun Peter (pictured, left: one of those 'bad moments'; taken after he had just shouted at fans because his substitution in the first half of a 5-0 mauling at Airdrie was greeted with cheers) responded to being told by the reporter that he was in the club's top ten post war goalscorers (I think this statistic was taken from Morton's wikipedia page and this was taken from Neil Brown's statistical website - however, in my research for Morton player records I've sometimes found this source to be incorrect and looking at Peter's stats I have him with one more goal and two more appearances) by saying: "I didn't know I was in the top 10, that's nice to hear. I've had stick over the years, though, and some bad moments. People forget the goals I've scored and that, for two years, I was a defender."

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