Shimmin Prefers A Back Four

In my match report for the recent 2-2 draw with Queen Of The South I commented on Dominic Shimmin's apparent confusion with the back three Davie Irons decided to play in David MacGregor's absence: "Shimmin appeared to come in for most of the criticism [from Irons after we conceded the second goal] with the manager gesturing for him to start talking to his team mates and organising the team. However, from what I could see Dominic wasn't happy and gestured back in a way that implied the defence didn't know what they were supposed to be doing. He then started to shake his head - like most of the fans."

In today's Greenock Telegraph Dominic (pictured, left) seems to confirm this in a round about way. He tells the Tele's Roger Graham: “For me, I’m much more comfortable in a back four. I’d never played in a three until I came to Morton.”

I think it was obvious the defence - and as a result the whole team - was uncomfortable with the back three; I hope Irons takes Dominic's comments on board and reverts to the back four that was so successful in the second quarter of the season. Even though MacGregor is injured Irons could still go with Alex Walker at right-back, Chris Smith at left-back with Stewart Greacen and the Dominator in the centre.

Read the full article here: Greenock Telegraph - Confident Dom (09.01.2009)

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mortonjag said...

Irons was clearly remonstrating with Dom!

On three separate occasions he shouted at him and Dom' response (arms wide apart and 'what could I do' look on his face) said it all.

Ultimately he just shook his head as if to say 'It's not MY fault'.