Dundee Make Sturm An Offer

Rumours on the http://www.pieandbovril.co.uk/ website suggest that Jani Sturm will be signing for Dundee. A news item in the Dundee Evening Telegraph And Post states that Alex Rae is attempting to bring in another foreign striker.

Alex Rae is quoted as saying : “We’ve targeted a foreign player and I’ve watched him a couple of times. He impressed me and we have made him an offer — now it is a matter of waiting to hear his response.”

Rae was in the stand against Stenhousemuir and left as soon as Sturm was substituted , on that basis I think it's pretty safe to say this unnamed player will be Jani Sturm.

Jim McInally's comments in today's Tele' were also concerning as he seems resigned to losing out on the player even before he has signed for anyone : "It’s one of these situations where we need to speak to him. I don’t know if he’s maybe looking for better than the First Division."

McInally was also quoted on Sturm in the Evening Times, he said : "We will be sitting down with him [Sturm] this week and trying to sort some kind of deal out. But he doesn't come cheap." The fact that he doesn't come cheap suggests that there may be a problem with money for wages which doesn't look good when you see that the same article also states we will have to beat Gretna, Dunfermline and Dundee to his signature.

Dundee (and Dunfermline) play in the same division as us and personally I think it will be very disappointing if we lose out on Sturm after having him in for three trial matches. Especially considering Dundee are not 'something better that the first division'.

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