'Striker Now The Priority'

An astonishing article appears in today's Greenock Telegraph.

Roger Graham reveals that Jim McInally has decided that we no longer need a 'strong midfield presence' and that David MacGregor can do a job there. The article goes on to say that one or two strikers are now the priority.

I think the consensus of opinion amongst all Morton fans is that Morton's priority signing MUST be a strong midfielder who can dictate play in the midfield and who has the strength and experience to play against some of the wily midfielders we will come up against next season.

I'm flabbergasted to hear that McInally no longer thinks a midfielder is priority (or needed at all) and his judgement must be seriously called in to question if he actually believes we can get by in the first division with the midfield we have at present.

You just don't go from an ambitious attempt to sign a midfielder like Simon Mensing (who would have been ideal) to deciding that you don't actually need a midfielder that much. In my opinion McInally just can't find someone or the budget isn't there to sign players of an acceptable standard. Either way I think this story raises real concerns for next season.

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