Rangers 0 - 2 Morton

A thread on the http://www.greenockmorton.net/ messageboard seems to suggest that we beat Rangers 2 - 0 in a bounce match at Murray Park this morning.

Bobby Linn and Fabrice Seidou are rumoured to have scored the goals against a Rangers team that included : Andy Webster, Kirk Broadfoot, Liobr Sionko, Alan Gow, DeMarcus Beasley, Nacho Novo, Chris Burke, Jordan McMillan, Alan Lowing and Filip Sebo.

The result hasn't been confirmed anywhere and there doesn't appear to be any Morton team information available.

Update - Rangers' official website has some pictures of the game - they can be viewed here

1) Templeman (and Broadfoot)
2) Greacen (and Sebo)
3) Gilbride (and Broadfoot)
4) Millar (and Gow)
5) Ally McCoist
6) Linn ( and Lowing)
7) Seidou (and Broadfoot)
8) Ally McCoist and Kenny McDowall
9) Sturm (and MacMillan)
10) McGeough - front, Philip - background, Linn - right (and Novo)
11) Robinson (and Lowing)

Tele' article by Russell Steele with quotes from Jim McInally : http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=sport&id=9190

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